350 Comedy and The Experiment Comedy bring you a brand new web series involving drag, money, dogs, cars and dumb rich people: Dom & Tamantha.

Dom & Tamantha are that couple you love to hate. He’s a fratty finance man. She’s a socialite slash event planner. They both smell like money and too much Armani — are played by opposite gender actors (Eliza Kingsbury and Travis Greisler).

Episode 1: ‘No Reservations’
Meet Dom and Tamantha: that filthy-rich couple you love to hate. Tamantha needs a serious lettuce fix. Dom is a grown ass man.


Episode 2: ‘CLUBBBBBBB!!!’
Dom can’t have dairy. Tamantha is crushing candies. They get a special text from Pudgie.


Episode 3: ‘The Black Coat’
After hitting the clubs, Tamantha just wants her coat. Dom takes matters into his own hands.


Episode 4: ‘Very Hungary Caterpillar’
Dom and Tamantha express their love in the children’s section of a book store.


Episode 5: ‘Adopting Sigourney Weaver’
In an effort to expand their family, Dom and Tamantha decide to adopt a puppy. Dom isn’t afraid to throw a punch.


Episode 6: ‘We’re Terrible People’
After losing their car, Dom and Tamantha begin to believe in karma. Will they learn a lesson and become un-terrible in the season finale?


Dom & Tamantha also explores themes like gender stereotypes, capitalism, and misogyny — but with hilarity.

In addition to stars Kingsbury and Greisler, other performers who pop up in the series include talent from The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (Elyse Brandau, Jon Bershad, Claire Ayoub) and New York City’s Off-Broadway circuit.

Dom & Tamantha
Created by Eliza Kingsbury and Travis Greisler
Written by Eliza Kingsbury
Directed by James Matthew Daniel
Produced by 350 Comedy
Presented by 350 Comedy and The Experiment Comedy

Dom & Tamantha Season 1 is up on The Experiment Comedy‘s YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it TODAY!

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