The Experiment Comedy is proud to present the re-release of all five episodes of the horror comedy webseries: TEEANGE VAMPIRE KILLERS FROM HELL!

Originally released via Blip.tv in 2013, the series is about an unlikely pair of vampire killers (The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s Andy Rocco and Matt DeCoster) sanctioned by The Catholic Church to hunt down bloodsucking co-eds. Think The Odd Couple… but more dangerous. And with vampires! The way Neil Simon intended it.

TEENAGE VAMPIRE KILLERS FROM HELL was written by Andy Rocco and directed by Russell Costanzo. It also stars Tom Schiller, Michael Delaney, Jesse VandenBergh, Amy Tescadero, Aaron Kheifets, Alan Starzinski, Megan Maes, Julia Weideman, Lisa Herring, and David Craig.

Episode 1: Into the Woods at Sundown
Father Boyd and Frank take care of some teenagers who are in the twilight of their relationship and the backstory of how Father Boyd got into the vampire killing business is revealed.

Episode 2: Stakeouts and Stakes
Father Boyd and Frank go on a stakeout and the process of becoming a vampire killer is revealed.

Episode 3: Hotel of The Damned Part I
Father Boyd and Frank interrupt an interview with a bloodsucker and a little more about Frank’s life is revealed.

Episode 4: Hotel of The Damned Part II
Frank pushes Father Boyd to lose his virginity to a prostitute.

Episode 5: The Problem with Apartment 4C
A routine mission turns ugly for Father Boyd and Frank but will it make Father Boyd quit the vampire killing game?

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