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Created by and starring Ann Carr, who co-wrote the episodes with her husband Warren Holstein, The Actress centers around a struggling New York actress named Hannah, and the Seinfeld-like nutjobs who pop in and out of her life. In addition to Carr, the cast is made up of various personalities from the local alternative comedy community (UCB Theatre, The Magnet Theatre, The PIT, etc.) so that makes the series a must see.

Seasons 1 and 2 live on Ann Carr‘s YouTube Channel. Season 3 lives on Barnacle Studio‘s YouTube Channel.


Episode 1: ‘Hannah’
Hannah has a nervous breakdown. In a Starbucks.


Episode 2: ‘Sisters’
Hannah calls her married sister Claire (Margot Leitman).


Episode 3: ‘The Day Job’
Hannah soldiers through a morning at work with her micro-managing boss and a lonely co-worker.


Episode 4: ‘The Seminar’
Hannah attends an acting seminar that may not help her out with her career.


Episode 5: ‘The Crazy Maker’
Hannah attempts to perform her solo show.




Episode 6: ‘Worst Day Ever’
Hannah shoots a commercial but has to deal with make-up artist diva and spoiled brat.


Episode 7: ‘Meet Brian’
Hannah deals with her boyfriend, Brian (Mike Still).


Episode 8: ‘Fraternal Humor’
Going shirtless for an audition brings back bad memories for Hannah.


Episode 9: ‘Denise’
Hannah reconsiders her urge to procreate after she is forced to wait with the obnoxious stage mother of a potential sociopath.


Episode 10: ‘The Cab Ride’
Hannah’s rambling Greek cabby pays more attention to her biological clock than the roads.


Episode 11: ‘The Teacher’
Hannah just can’t stop picking up shit for her overbearing acting guru.


Episode 12: ‘The Scene Partner’
Hannah’s newly divorced scene partner Alan has got a gift for the gab.


Episode 13: ‘The Photographer’
Hannah consults with a photographer about headshots.




Episode 14: ‘The Dermatologist’
A routine visit to the dermatologist turns into an uncomfortable ambush and sales pitch for Hannah.


Episode 15: ‘No Broadway’
Hannah tries to make a go of it at her new temp position at the office.


Episode 16: ‘Kate’
Hannah meets an old college friend.


Episode 17: ‘Mom’
An innocent visit home to see Mom turns into a farmers’ market ambush.


Episode 18: ‘The Agent’
The story behind Hannah’s infamous AIDS commercial is finally unveiled.


Episode 19: ‘The Wedding’
Hannah attends the wedding of an old friend who’s decided to quit the biz and leave town; her stoner boyfriend Brian enjoys the refreshments.


Episode 20: ‘Unemployment’
Hannah pays for being late to the unemployment office.


Episode 21: ‘One Too Many
Hannah has one too many drinks to celebrate a friend’s success and goes down the rabbit hole.

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