The Experiment Comedy Gallery (272 Grand Street, Basement Level, Brooklyn, NY 11211) proudly presents The Fuck Donald Trump Marathon, 33 straight hours of comedy goodness aimed to fuck with the incoming fascist regime of Donald J. Trump. Standup, storytelling, improv, characters, etc. You name it, we’ve got it, all just to show that racist orange garbage bag that love does indeed trump hate and fear.

…and punch and pie.

The fun starts Friday, January 13th at 6pm and will run until well past Saturday, January 14th, with the last show starting at 1:30am on Sunday, January 15th. Tickets to individual shows are $10; just click on the show titles for links. Here’s the full lineup:

FRIDAY 1/13/17
6:00PM: Carajoland
Hosted by Benel Germosen and Zilla Vodnas

7:30PM: The 98%
Hosted by Carrie Wurst

9:00PM: Awkward Sex and the City
Hosted by Natalie Wall

10:30PM: SlugFest
Hosted by Jeremy Hammond and Nick Milton


SATURDAY 1/14/17
12:00AM: Twiends
Hosted by Otto Fernandez; with Jeremy Hammond, Andy Wright, Ryan Bard, Chanel Ali, Rosa Escandón, and BXHXLD

1:30AM: Bad Movie Club
Hosted by Jeremy Hammond, C.W. Headley, and Nick Milton

3:00AM: Sleepover
Hosted by Anya Volz; with Celine Ilang-Ilang, Sam Rose, Carrie Wurst, Maddy Smith, Hannah Cowger, Jeremyah Schur, Alex Moore, Jeremy Hammond, and Jill Branchaud

4:30AM: Restaurant Confidential
Hosted by Jess Reed

6:00AM: InsomniHacks
Hosted by C.W. Headley and Dan Wickes

7:30AM: National Improv Finals
Hosted by William Schaefer

9:00AM: Breakfast with Yogi & Hannah
Hosted by Yogi Paliwal and Hannah Cowger

10:30AM: Fun House Art & Comedy
Hosted by Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr.

12:00PM: Kweendom
Hosted by Bobby Hankinson; with Jes Tom, Eman El Husseini, Jess Salomon, Calvin Cato, and Lynaé DePriest

1:30PM: Laugh Tracks
Hosted by Tim Shea and Nicholas Balsirow; with C.W. Headley, Orli Matlow, Carrie Wurst, Tess Henry, Drewkaboom, DJ Afar, Morgan Pielli, and Sarah Jane Dillon

3:00PM: Phil & Brian
Hosted by Phil Burke and Brian Rabadeau

4:30PM: Momoh Pujeh & Friends
Hosted by Momoh Pujeh

6:00PM: Oops! I Did It Again
Hosted by Anya Volz and Lori Goldman; with Shane Torres, Emma Willmann, Molly Ruben-Long, Will Miles, and Liza Treyger

7:30PM: Party of Two
Hosted by Vanessa Valerio and Anita Flores

9:00PM: Ticonderoga
Hosted by Hannah Boone and Gabriel Smith

10:30PM: Urchins
Hosted by Max Ogle and Ethan Simmons-Patterson


SUNDAY 1/15/17
12:00AM: Fetch
Hosted by Jess Reed and Sam Rose

1:30AM: Red Light Comedy Show
Hosted by Shanlita Bandita


You can also get yourself a pass for the entire festival for just $40:



Proceeds will go to these charities, which will help folks who’ll be affected by Trump’s policies:
Center for Reproductive Rights
International Refugee Assistance Project
The Trevor Project

(Art by Geoffrey Krawczyk)