RCWFPComic book writer and illustrator Siike Donnelly (Monomyth, Solestar) sits down with your favorite fictional characters for one-on-one, in-depth conversations about life, love, and kicking bad guy ass.


For the season finale, Siike wanted to do something a bit different. Instead of just interviewing a single character, he decided to celebrate his love for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy with multiple interviews of the entire team.

Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora, and Star-Lord all sit down and chat with Siike, just before embarking on their final mission from the film. But note that there AREN’T any spoilers in this as he had yet to see the film, so you’re safe to listen.

Siike wanted to do 3 things with this episode: bring back a previous voice actor, bring in two new voice actors, and do a voice himself. He checked all three of those off the list as Joe Slepski (who played The Thing) returned to play Groot and Drax. Barbra and Bryant Dillon of Fanboy Comics step in to play Gamora and Star-Lord. And Siike provides the voice of Rocket.

To all of you who have listened to the show, helped spread the word, and wrote him with kind words or visited him at San Diego Comic-Con: THANK YOU! Siike really enjoyed this and can promise that he’ll come back with another season this fall with some really odd and fun characters.

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Today, Siike talks with Chris Goldrup, who plays Dr. Thomas Light from Mega Man. Since Episode 1, Siike has been wanting to do an interview set in that world and after listening to Chris talk one day, it clicked! Dr. Light was who his friend could play.

When he was a kid, Siike’s mom went out on a date one night, leaving him to watch his little brother. Once his brother fell asleep, the little Mega Man-nerd turned his entire room into a level from the second game: “The Crash Man” level. He covered cardboard boxes in white paper, drawing lines on them, then taping them to his bedroom walls to mimic the floating blocks in the game.

He built traps that would launch pillows at him as he navigated around the room, trying not to wake his brother, and put a stop to the nefarious Crash Man. Naturally, his mom came home and beat him red before grounding him for a month.

Still, Siike’s love for the franchise has never left and in this episode, he and Chris do something really special with the universe and bring their own flavor to it in a way Siike hasn’t yet done in the show so far; one that delivers a lot of heart. Enjoy!



Siike describes his thought process in creating this episode:

“I went back and forth when writing this episode. What I decided in the end was that there would be no way in hell Lex Luthor would fully cooperate in an interview with me. He’d constantly talk down to me, say that my facts were wrong, and put a spin in his favor if I mention anything negative. So… that’s how Victor played him.

I’ve known Victor Del Mar for years; 10, in fact. He’s insanely talented, fun to be around, and has so much energy beaming out of him. He’d take a bullet for a friend, without hesitation. He’s more superhero than villain, and that’s why I thought he would make a great bad guy. Most nice guys in film do.

Victor’s an amazing actor, with a lot of range, and I’m very blessed to call him friend and to address him as Mr Luthor throughout this episode. We focus a lot on the New 52 version of the character, from recent comics, but certainly squeeze a few nuggets in from past versions. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.”



Here is Siike’s description of this amazing Halo-centric episode, in his own words:

“This episode, is probably the one with the most love in it. That’s the reason it took so long to edit. And it’s still not perfect, but I realized I could never make it perfect.

Cortana is just one of those characters that I absolutely love. She’s an anomaly. An Artificial Intelligence with a soul. She feels. Looking over this character’s amazing history, I wanted to pick a point that made the most sense for a chat.

For me, that moment was aboard the Forward Unto Dawn ship, as she drifted, alone, with Master Chief in cryo-sleep, between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4.

Like me, when I recorded this episode, the character was at a vulnerable state, maybe even depressed, and dying. I thought talking to her would help me go through the darkness I was experiencing at that point. And it did, tremendously.

Whitney Avalon, a wonderful actress that heard me on Harmontown and decided to follow me on Twitter, wrote me out of the blue one day when she saw that I was looking for actors for this show. We chatted online, she was super nice, and she was not only familiar with the character, but also played Cortana before in a fan-made animated short.

She was perfect, and she got Cortana. She knew when to show emotion, and when to be an A.I. Her voice cracks when she talks about John, but when discussing others, she’s informational. It was a wonderful ballet of range in her, of Cortana’s soul trying to crack through its artificial constraints.

I’m in love with this character, and her universe. It’s the first episode where instead of bringing a fictional character to me, I travel to her, on board the Forward Unto Dawn, with sound FX going off constantly in the background, voice augmentation, an explosion, and portals opening and closing, returning me to back to our universe.

This is my favorite episode yet. I hope y’all agree.

Check out Whitney’s work on YouTube, her website, and follower her on Twitter.”



Here is Siike’s description of this amazing episode, in his own words:

“On this episode, I went to a very fun side of my childhood. When I was in middle-school, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired and captivated my little brother’s imagination. This was a kid that liked sports more than anything, so for him to like something that was up my alley was cool.

This show became a bonding moment for my brother and I. Naturally, we each had our favorites. He liked Jason, the Red Ranger, and I liked Zach, the Black Ranger.

When I recorded with Rebekah [Walendzak], who played Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, she recommended a talented young man who she met during her Second City program, named Deshaude Barner. This poor guy had to deal with me emailing him, tweeting him, etc for months, with me having constant audio issues, Kickstarter distractions, etc before finally being able to record with him.

Originally, he was going to play a completely different character, but after finding out he had a great musical background, and loved to dance, I searched for a character that fit his passion. That’s where Zach comes in and DeShaude played him with the perfect amount of energy. I think you’re all going to like this one.”



This week Siike talks to Rebekah Walendzak, comedian and co-host of More Than A Mouthful Podcast, who portrays Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, aka Oracle from DC Comics.

Oracle is one of his all-time favorite comic book characters, so he just had to interview her. Luckily, Rebekah was born to play the role and did such a tremendous job giving Barbara a lot of heart and depth, but still keeping things light and fun.



Siike breaks through the shell of Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm (Second City’s Joe Slepski) to reveal that he doesn’t have a heart of stone. Prepare to get out your hankies for this Yancy Street boy!



Siike talks with Officer Jill Valentine (Jodi Skeris from The UCB Theatre and iOWest) about everything under the umbrella of Resident Evil, and more!



For the very first episode, Siike sits down with Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker (played by L.A.-based comedian Bob Ladewig)! Peter has experienced the loss of his parents, his uncle, his aunt once or twice, and girls he loved. He’s been betrayed by friends, saved by enemies, joined The Avengers, and even met God. He is important in Siike’s life, and through watching him do the right thing, has influenced him to do the same as often as he could. His interview with this young man is somber, funny, inspiring, and one that might bring a tear to your eye.

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